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Faculty Biographies

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Faculty Biographies

In this section, you will find our faculty members' bios.

Dr. Issac Herskowitz

Dr. Issac Herskowitz, founding dean of the Graduate School of Technology, has been involved in the field of technology for over 25 years. Dr. Herskowitz founded the academic computing department at Touro University in the early 1990's.Dr. Herskowitz initiated many new degree programs at Touro in his role as chairman of the Computer Science Department, including Master of Science programs in Instructional Technology and Information Systems, a Master of Arts program in Web and Multimedia Design, a baccalaureate degree in Computer Science, and certificate, associate's and bachelor's degree programs in Information Systems and Desktop Publishing.Dr. Herskowitz earned an Ed. D. in Instructional Technology and Media at Columbia University. His B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer and Information Science were completed at CUNY/Brooklyn College.

Dr. Patricia Baia

Dr. Baia is a highly qualified instructional designer who is now in an instructional design leadership role as a director.Dr. Baiaearnedall her degrees from the University at Albany. She holds a B.A. in Educational Psychology;M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology; along with her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.Dr. Baia has served as an instructional design consultant while leading online learning programs for several schools in the Albany, NY area. Dr. Baiahas also taught at top schools such as University of California Irvineand her alma mater, UNiversity at Albany. Currently, Dr. Baia teaches instructional design at Touro’s Graduate School of Technology while serving as the senior instructional designer at Touro’s JacobD.Fuchsberg Law Center.

Jacob Gutnicki

Jacob has taught at Touro University since 1998. During this time his courses in Education and Instructional Technology have covered a wide range of topics including Web Design, Web 2.0 Technologies, Microsoft Office, Assistive Technology, Classroom Management, Common Core Aligned Educational Resources, and Using Data to Understand Instruction.
In his courses, Jacob utilizes a variety of materials including Common Core aligned resources, best practices recommended by ISTE, and best practices from state and federal grants.Jacob Gutnickihas also worked in the field of Instructional Technology for the past 15 years and in the field of Education for the past 23 years.
He was recognized in the 2008 National Profile Report as an effective practitioner of Instructional Technology, and his Instructional Technology program was showcased in "The Journal" as an exemplar for improving student outcomes through a rigorous professional development program. Jacob has authored 171 award winning grants including numerous Learning Technology Grants, 23 iLearn NYC Grants, 7 Federal School Improvement Grants, several Middle School Incentive Grants, 2 Attendance Improvement and Dropout Prevention Grants, 3 Enhancing Education Through Technology Grants, 3 iZone Grants, 3 Beaumont Foundation Grants, two Math Partnership Grants the Borough President Grant, and 2 New Vision Grants

Pedro Estrada

Pedro Estrada teaches in both the graduate and undergraduate schools. He teaches courses related to Computer Technology such as Networking (LAN and WAN), Wireless Communication, and Computer Hardware and Software. Pedro holds a master’s degreein Instructional Technology from Touro University and a bachelor’s degreein Mechanical Engineering from Stony Brook State University. He has also earned severalindustry certifications such as CCNA, CWNA, MCSE, and A+.

Holly Owens

Holly brings over 14 years of experience in instructional design which she developed from when she was a high school teacher to today, working as aninstructional designer. Hollyserved as the Assistant Director of Instructional Design with Online Education at Touro College and University System for three years.In addition to initially teaching in high school, Holly has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses. Holly holdstwo master’s degrees from the University of Maryland Global Campus in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. Currently, Holly is working on her Doctorate in Education Administration and Leadership with Touro University Nevada.

Payam Bina

Payam is anexperienced instructional designer and currently leads the Computer Science department at Touro University as the deputy chair. Payam earned his B.A. from Yeshiva University in Computer Science and his M.S. from Touro University Graduate School of Technology in Instructional Design.