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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

New York City is a vital center of innovative activities in both technology and communications.

The people who generate ideas, start businesses, and spark the area’s technological growth are experts and forward thinkers in their fields. Many are invited to speak to our students as part of a robust guest speaker program that brings industry leaders into Touro GST classrooms every semester, not only connecting our students with the latest industry trends, but giving them networking opportunities that are priceless as they start their careers.

We learn from industry experts!

Master of Science in Information Systems

Mr. Moshe (Mikhail) Gershkovich

Business Solutions Expert

Administration, Analytics & ETL

Mr. Gershkovich will speak about Data.

Mr. Len Santalucia


Mr. Santalucia, CTO Form employee at IBM, participates in the IBM Academic Initiative team to assist college students in a career in IBM Mainframe technology

Mr. Santalucia will speak about Employment Opportunities for IBM Mainframe professionals

Summary of Topic:
Inform students of the many technical areas available in the area of IBM Mainframe computers. Answer student questions on jobs that are in demand.

Ms. Marilyn Rodkin

Director of Internal Audit at New York Blood Center

Marilyn Rodkin is responsible for reporting the state of the organization’s control environment to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees and to Senior Management. Ms. Rodkin has managerial oversight for development and execution of the Annual Audit Plan. She directs and oversees complex integrated audits consisting of compliance, financial, information technology and operational components.

Ms. Rodkin will speak about Auditing an Organization's Controls, Processes and Data.

Mr. Aaron Smyth

Founder at Caster

Mr. Aaron Smyth spoke about the Web Development Process and how developers and designers work together to build web products.

Mr. Ari Fass

Senior Systems Administrator at ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers)

Mr. Fass first is maintaining the current infrastructure environment of Network, Servers, Storage, Web Site, Security, Audio/Visual conferencing at ICSC. Additionally I serve as an escalation resource and mentor for the Desktop Support team. Mr. Fass is working to transform the technology stack to bring it to the next level by developing a strategy for the future, evaluating SaaS based services, and hardening security throughout the environment.

Mr. Fass will speak about setting up International Data and Communications Systems.

Dr. Issac Herskowitz

Dean of Graduate School of Technology, Touro College.

Dr. Issac Herskowitz spoke about Career Planning and how to have many jobs in one’s career rather than having one job for life. He emphasized network, network, network, and be most attuned and attentive to your boss to achieve your immediate goals, and in so doing, to achieving your career goals.

Mr. Robert Grosberg

Director of Career Services at Touro College

Mr. Robert Grosberg will be the guest speaker for Professor Carolyn Prager's class on May 2, 2018. Mr. Robert Grosberg is the Director of Career Services at Touro College.

Mr. Robert Grosberg will be speaking about career services and the interviewing process.

Mr. Mike Martino

Sr. System Engineer with Zerto

Mr. Mike Martino will be the guest speaker for Professor Azarya Y Shaulov's class for MSIN 648, Virtualization Technologies, on April 17, 2018. Mr. Martino is currently Sr. System Engineer for Zerto.

Mr. Martino will be speaking on the topic of “Leadership in Information Technology”

Mr. Anthony Fama

Director of Infrastructure Security at Computer Integrated Services

Mr. Anthony Fama will be the guest speaker for Professor Albert Bina's class for MSIN 647, Computer Networking: Routing and Switching on April 16, 2018. Mr. Anthony Fama is a member and the director of Infrastructure Security Practice. In truth, Anthony has been breaking into highly secure networks even since his early teens, fortunately, he wears a "white hat"! As the head of CIS' Network Security and Data Communications team, and the company's CISO, Anthony helps clients ensure that their critical data is as secure and compliant as possible.

Mr. Anthony Fama will speak about pertinent examples from the past (demonstrating ‘how’ we learned certain things.) like how a hacker conducts his/her attacks and different types of hackers out there. He will be discussing encryption algorithms, protocols on WAN design and requirements for different business verticals. As well as a brief discussion on the most common hacks, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, BYOD, and compliance.

Master of Arts in Web and Multimedia Design

Ms. Camila Nunes da Silva

UX Designer at Comcast

Ms. Nunes da Silva UX Designer - I work on the cable box team (Xfinity) and I help them with UI adjustments, work on strategy creating user/customer flows, market research, screen saver imagery, etc.

Ms. Nunes da Silva will speak about how I got my dream job, as UX Designer.

Summary of Topic Camila will take us through the journey on how she made it to her dream job at Comcast by becoming part of the UX Design team.

Ms. Ciara Allen

Founder at Caster

Ciara Allen Award-winning filmmaker, visual journalist and editor. Senior Producer at BuzzFeed News, she built audiences on as well as their vertical videos on Facebook and YouTube. While working alongside Investigations, National, Culture and World desks, she's been able to show the strength of their reporting through mini-docs and news features. Originally, from Michigan, she graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production. She worked in visually creative spaces at HBO, Howard University, post-houses, radio stations and others.

Ms. Allen will speak about How to become a video producer

Summary of Topic:
Industry, careers, opportunities, building a portfolio

Mr. Aaron Smyth

Founder at Caster

Mr. Aaron Smyth spoke about his career and education in web development and his time in the tech startup world.

Mr. Sam

HBO Director

Mr. Sam spoke about “What it really takes to be successful?”

Mr. Sam is the Director and Architect for the Home Box Office, with over 30 years of experience in the information technology field. He has expertise in all aspects of software engineering and construction lifecycle including requirement gathering, project costing, analysis, design, coding & development, and client training support. He led many successful small, medium and large system development projects, as well as full ERP implementation, including RFP process, vendor negotiation/selection, planning, budgeting and contracts.

Mr. Alfred Doyle

Deputy Chair of Computer Science at Touro College

Mr. Alfred Doyle will be the guest speaker for Professor Issac Herskowitz's class for EDIN 617, Foundations of Instructional Technology on April 10, 2018. Mr. Alfred Doyle is currently the Deputy Chair of Computer Science at Touro College.

Mr. Alfred Doyle will be speaking about Gaming in Education and how new material can be taught through gaming.

Mr. Josh Rosman

Head of Business Development and Operations, Jaime Cody Photography

Mr. Josh Rosman was the guest speaker for Professor Jaime Rosman's class for WMMN 660, Digital Photography for Designers, on March 11, 2018. Mr. Josh Rosman is currently the Head of Business Development and Operations for Jaime Cody Photography.

Mr. Josh Rosman spoke on the topic of “Business of Photography.”

Master of Science in Instructional Technology

Professor Alfred Doyle

Chair Web and Multimedia Design, Deputy Chair Digital Media Design at Touro College

Professor Doyle was a guest speaker for Doctor Herskowitz’s class, EDIN 617 Foundations of Instructional Technology December 12, 2017. Professor Doyle pioneered the introduction of game design in schools as a founding faculty at Quest to Learn, a “school for digital kids”.

Professor Doyle spoke of his experience beta-testing real world products in the classroom which introduced game design to students at different ages and skill levels.

Ms. Vlada Lotkin

CEO - Founder Class Tag

Ms. Lotkin was a guest speaker in Professor Mark Gura’s class, EDIN 653, Developing teacher resources Integrating Technology, on October 29, 2017. She is an Educational Technology Entrepreneur/Resource Designer and successfully involved in the EdTech industry - She is a known figure.

Mr. Ron Sussman

President of Sales at Sussman Education

Mr. Sussman will be a guest speaker in Professor Jacab Gutnicki’s class, EDIN 670, Educational Technology Specialist as School Leader on April 24,2017. He is the President of Sales, Sussman Education. He has been a leader in K-12 digital and print distribution in New York City schools for over 20 years. In 2011 he helped launch Lightswitch Learning, the national K-12 publishing organization that has recently published several best-sellers in the parent engagement arena.

Mr. Sussman is Board Chair of Books For Kids, an organization that promotes literacy among all children with a special emphasis on low-income and at-risk preschool-aged children. Mr. Sussman graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and currently lives in New York.

Ms. Shirin Charaniya

Instructional Designer, Kaltura Media Group

Ms. Charaniya was a guest speaker in Professor Berman’s class, EDIN 623, Foundations of Instructional Design, on November 16, 2016.

She shared her experiences about the job responsibilities and key functions at Kaltura Media Group and other works she has performed as an instructional designer.

Mr. Jay Lefkowitz

Regional Technology Manager, Retired

Professor Jay Lefkowitz was a guest speaker in Professor Issac Herskowitz's class EDIT 617 Foundations of Instructional Technology on November 7, 2016. Mr. Lefkowitz has worked for NYC Department of Education for 36 years as the Technology Leader for the Boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. In addition, he taught in various CUNY Colleges for over 25 years.

Professor Lefkowitz spoke on integrating technology across all curriculum areas, instructional delivery systems and implementation, assessment, evaluation and research, and specialized technology skills for corporate trainers, to improve company employee performance through training.

Ms. MacDevette Denise

Northeast Regional Manager/Trainer, Teah4learning

Ms. MacDevette was a guest speaker in Professor Gutterman’s class, EDIT 651, Internet Technology in the Classroom on November 14, 2016. Ms. MacDevette creates award-winning educational software and delivers effective professional learning programs that provide students with essential 21st century skills. She talked about on the topic of Resources students can use to integrate technology. She is responsible for Technology Integration as a specialist, Software Licensing, Professional Consultant K-12.

Ms. MacDevette showed some free products that are available for use by educators. She also answered questions for students who were interested technology coach positions and staff development positions in the corporate sector.