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Frequently Asked Questions | Educational Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Educational Technology

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions related to the Educational Technology program. For other questions, please navigate on side menu.

Why are there two different options available for the master's degree in Instructional Technology (ITP): Teacher Certification or Corporate Trainer?

The Teacher Certification Track:
  • is for current teachers in the NYC or NYS public school system. leads to NYS Professional Certification as an Educational Technology Specialist (CST 071)
  • enables teachers to qualify for a 30 Above salary differential.
The Corporate Trainer Track:
  • is for those people who wish to work for an education-based company that assists teachers in enhancing classroom instruction by integrating technology throughout the curriculum.
  • provides advanced pedagogical, technical, and staff development skills.

Are initial certification or the GRE required?

Initial certification is required, and GRE is not required prior to enroll in the Teacher Certification Track. Initial certification or GRE are not required prior to enroll in the Corporate train track.

Does it take longer to complete the program if you do not have a technology background?

Even if you do not have a technology background, you will not take any additional courses

What are the salaries for someone earning a master’s degree in the Corporate Track?

According to the Glassdoor Salary Guide, starting salaries vary greatly,from $60,000 to $85,000. To view this guide, please visit HERE

What is the tuition for the MS in Instructional Technology program?

$645 per credit, or $11,610 for average annual tuition (avg of 18 credits per year). $21,285 total tuition for 33 credits.

Registration fees (total $200/semester).