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Knowing that the job market is increasingly competitive, we’ve compiled a suite of resources that outline how students, recent graduates, and job seekers can put themselves in the best position possible to acquire fulfilling internships and employment.

Internship and New Job Suite

Recommended Job Portals


Salary Negotiation Guide

VelvetJobs: Employment with a Disability Resource Guide

Those living with a disability may find that the search for employment can be even more challenging. In all professional environments, it’s imperative to know the types of laws and benefits provided to those living with a disability.

Useful Resources for Disabled Job Seekers

Please view this useful guide that is aimed at disabled job seekers of all ages. This guide covers a range of free resources as well as tips and advice for job seekers living with different types of disabilities.

What Job Seekers, Employees and Employers Need to Know About Social Media

This guide from The University of Dayton talks about the importance of responsible social media use and its possible impact on job hunting. This resource breaks down the privacy settings of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, showing what potential or current employers can see about you even if you have a private profile. It also includes questions job seekers should ask themselves before posting on social networks. This is a valuable resource for job seekers, as friends and family might not be the only people looking at their social media profiles.

Maximize LinkedIn’s Features

Optimize your LinkedIn

Use the Zety Guide for LinkedIn to:

Research and Networking Tips for Touro College from Ivan Elias - ZipRecruiter

Want to know how you, too, can land a successful job in the digital tech industry like Husnal, Eunice, Mehmet, and Pratik? Check out our Alumni Spotlight Series HERE.

For WMM students and alumni

Click HERE for jobs in 3D model marketplace for computer graphics, virtual reality and 3D printing.


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