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Frequently Asked Questions | International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

International Students

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions related to international students. For other questions, please navigate on the side menu.

For more information, please sign up HERE for our Weekly Live Information Session by Zoom, every Thursday 11:30 am to 12:30 pm NY time (March to November) and 10:30 to 11:30 am NY time (November to March), where you can ask about studying in the USA, the admissions and I-20/F1 student visa process, the master's programs, housing and student life in New York City, and your career goals. All attendees to a live information session receive an application fee waiver (a $50 value).

Do I need to take IELTS for admission or for the visa application?

For admission, either show that the language of instruction for your degree was in the English language medium or take an ESL proficiency test and get a minimum score:

IELTS: 6.0 or higher
iBT: 78 or higher
Duolingo: 105 or higher
PTE: 58 or higher

If your English proficiency requirement for admission is waived and you have taken one of these tests, please send us your test results and please take the test results with you to your F1 visa interview.

After getting admission, if the visa is rejected, what is the policy for refunding the full amount of tuition?

If you pay a tuition deposit this will be fully refunded if you show us proof of a visa denial or proof that you are canceling your enrollment before the start date of classes and that you are not flying to the USA.

Can I bring my spouse and/or kids with me if I am an F1 student?

It's your right to try for F2 dependent visas for your spouse and/or children. You will need to provide additional financial support documentation. Please join the Live Information Session on Thursday to ask more about the F2 dependent visas. Note that in countries where it is harder to get a student visa to study in the USA, it can help your visa case if your spouse and/or children are staying behind in your home country as they will represent a permanent tie to your country.

During my studies I need to support my financial needs, will be possible to work along with my studies. Will there be any restrictions?

F1 international students cannot work off campus unless they have specific permission on the CPT or OPT programs. Some international students may be selected for 20-hour-per-week Graduate Assistant positions to work on campus, currently paid at $16 per hour. After 1 year some international students can start a 1-year CPT internship in their field of study. Upon graduation all international GST students get 3 years of post-graduate employment eligibility, known as Optional Practical Training, or OPT (3 years because all of our programs are STEM classified).

What is the importance of a Designated School Official (DSO)?

The Designated School Official (DSO) is your main point of contact for any questions about the I-20, the F1 student visa, and your legal status in the USA as an F1 student.
Your program director will connect you with the DSO after your full admission to the program.

How do I get a US Student VISA if I am an international student?

Step 1:Apply for full admission to Touro University and be accepted into the program.
Step 2:Read the Touro University international office information about the I-20 and visa HERE
Step 3:Fulfill all the requirements of eligibility to receive your original I-20 certification of eligibility with your SEVIS number.
The International Student Office will provide you with instructions about receiving your I-20.
Step 4:Use your SEVIS number to pay and book your F1 student visa interview appointment at your closest U.S. consulate
Step 5:Prepare for the visa interview, reviewing the material from the Touro international office.

What kind of evaluation do I need? Which agency can I use?

You will need to get a course-by-course evaluation if your degree comes from outside of the United States. Please find our recommendations for the course-by-course evaluation on our international admissions page here.

What is the Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility?

An I-20 is issued by a Designated School Official (DSO) from the International Student Office at Touro University after you have been admitted to Touro University and you have demonstrated that you or your sponsor have sufficient financial resources for you to be an eligible student in the USA at Touro University.

Is New York City safe for International Students?

Yes, when students follow common sense advice to stay safe. Crime rates have dropped dramatically in New York City in the past two decades, sometimes by more than 700 percent in certain neighborhoods. While New York City is much safer than in the recent past, it is still a large American city.

Therefore, we recommend common sense safety measures like "avoid deserted streets at night" and "keep your cell phone secure and your bags and belongings in front of you and visible on the subway". Our advisors will talk to you about different neighborhoods, give you common sense safety tips, and help you to find a neighborhood for housing that is safe and relatively affordable.

What is it like to study in New York City?

New York City has hundreds of diverse neighborhoods to explore for food and art lovers, thousands of companies and organizations for networking and enrichment, and unlimited options for entertainment. NYC is so big and diverse that students can choose to seek out a specific culture or can choose to spend a day avoiding your home culture (even the Americans can do this).

Yet, despite being the biggest city in America, it is also the easiest to get around. New York City’s subway system boasts 27 subway lines and 472 stations, and the overall public transportation system covers everywhere including Northern New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester County, and Southwestern Connecticut (together, with NYC, this total area is known as the Greater New York City Area).