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Faculty and Staff

Web and Multimedia Design Professor

Renata Rocha

Expert in Web and Multimedia Design

MSIS Expert in Network Administration & Security Albert Bina

Albert Bina

Expert in Network Administration & Security

ITP Program Chair Payam Bina

Payam Bina

Instructional Technology Program Chair

ITP Program Director Marekh Chikadze

Marekh Chikadze

Instructional Technology Assistant Program Director

MSIS Expert in Database Systems Kenneth Davidson

Kenneth Davidson

Expert in Database Systems


Andrew Deck

Expert in Interactive Design

WMM Program Chair Al Doyle

Al Doyle

Web and Multimedia Design Program Chair

WMM Instructor Jesse Epstein

Jesse Epstein

Expert in Media and Culture

MSIS Instructor Pedro Estrada

Pedro Estrada

Expert in Data Communications

Information Systems Program Chair Shmuel Fink

Shmuel Fink

Information Systems Program Chair

MSIS Expert in Project Management Fortina Andres

Fortina Andres

Expert in Project Management

Director of Career Services Robert Grosberg

Robert Grosberg

Director of Career Services

ITP Instructor Linda Gutterman

Linda Gutterman

Expert in Engaging Pedagogy

WMM Instructor Anthony O Hara

Anthony O Hara

Expert in Fine Arts

MSIS Instructor Joseph Herbst

Joseph Herbst

Expert in Network Architecture

MSIS Instructor William Hershkowitz

William Hershkowitz

Expert in COBOL

TOURO GST Dean Issac Herskowitz

Issac Herskowitz

Dean Graduate School of Technology

WMM Expert in 3D Animation Dominika Juraszek

Dominika Juraszek

Expert in 3D Animation

WMM Program Director Nataliya Klymenko

Nataliya Klymenko

Web and Multimedia Design Assistant Program Director

ITP Instructor Jay Lefkowitz

Jay Lefkowitz

Expert in Instructional Technology

MSIS Instructor Ben Lunzer

Ben Lunzer

Expert in Technology Project Management

MSIS Expert in Computer Science Arjun Mahat

Arjun Mahat

Expert in Computer Science

MSIS Project Management INSTRUCTOR William Muskopf

William Muskopf

Expert in Project Management

MSIS  Expert in Project Management Joseph Nadan

Joseph Nadan

Expert in Project Management

Marc Paller

Marc Paller

Expert in Web and App Development

Miriam Plonczak

Miriam Plonczak

Expert in Database Systems

MSIS Instructor Carolyn Prager

Carolyn Prager

Expert in Written and Oral Communication

WMM Instructor Jaime Rosman

Jaime Rosman

Expert in Digital Photography

WMM Expert in Expert in 2D Animation Jolie Ruelle

Jolie Ruelle

Expert in 2D Animation

MSIS Program Director Jack Romano

Jack Romano

Information Systems Program Director

MSIS Instructor Philip-Teplitzky

Philip Teplitzky

Expert in Business Management, Business Intelligence, Data & Project Management

Roy Vanegas

Roy Vanegas

Expert in Full XAMP Stack Programming