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While Touro Graduate School of Technology does not provide housing for its students, there are many affordable options.

If you are arriving for the first time to New York, we can help you to book affordable, short-term housing for your first 1 to 4 weeks in New York. We will then be happy to advise you on how to find affordable long-term housing once you are in New York. Please email us at or call +1.212.463.0400 x 55319 if you need to book a student single room for your arrival to New York.

Educational Housing Services (not affiliated with Touro) is a company that provides student housing in New York City. For details, visit or call (888) 466-8056.

Eleven80 (not affiliated with Touro) is a short 30 minute ride on a PATH train and is located in Newark, New Jersey. For details, visit or call (973) 824-1180.