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Alumni and Diploma


All Touro GST graduates are automatically enrolled in the GST Alumni Association. As an alumnus, you may use the assistance of our Career Services office, join our professional development workshops, and participate in many other events.

Please contact Robert Grosberg for more information at

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Touro GST is proud of our alumni. Please let us know how we can reach you, and whether you can volunteer as a mentor for a current student or as a guest speaker to share your expertise with a class.

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Become a GST Student Mentor

  • Share your professional experiences and insights
  • Expand your own professional network
  • Discover talent that you could bring into your company or organization
  • Receive recognition and appreciation from your mentee
  • Refine interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Discover fresh perspectives from your mentee
  • Shape and influence future talent
  • Solidify your own understanding of your industry by teaching your mentee; as the old saying goes, “You don’t really understand a subject until you try to teach it”
  • Feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction from contributing to the success of future and current Touro GST alumni
  • Connect with the Touro GST community


Congratulations on your graduation from Touro GST! Your diploma represents hard work and sacrifice and we understand that you and your family are looking forward to seeing and holding your diploma as soon as possible.

The registrar’s office takes three to four months after your official graduation date to mail you your diploma. The full degree certification and diploma preparation process requires some time before the diplomas are ready and mailed.

While this may seem like a long time, it’s important to know: the diploma is simply an ornamental document, a symbol of your accomplishment. Once you do receive it you should display it prominently for your friends and family to see. But it does not serve as a replacement for an official Touro College transcript or for a degree certification document. You should not be submitting a diploma to prospective employers or to a graduate program as part of an admissions process. You should be submitting official transcripts or a degree certification document. These documents are the registrar’s first priority and they will be available to you before your diploma.

During your last semester of study, please go to How Do I Get My Diploma on the Touro portal (you will need to log in with your credentials), and then follow instructions to fill out and submit your Diploma Release form to Please be in contact with the Touro registrar’s office to order any official transcripts or degree certification documents that you need, and if you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to contact your program director at Touro GST.

Congratulations again on your graduation!