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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All Programs

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions related to all programs. For specific programs, please navigate on side menu.

Is a master’s degree necessary?

We strongly believe that you will benefit from earning a master’s degree;
You will receive a real-world education fromour curricula and our professors, most of whom are actively working in the technology industry as they teach you.
You will have many more employment opportunities, you will command a higher salary, and you will be able to advance in your career.
A master's degree in technology can mean an extra few hundred thousand dollars in salary over the course of your career.
A master’s degree will also allow you to teach and become a professor in a graduate school.
A master's degree in technology can give you the edge in getting a promotion or a salary increase.
The advantage of earning a master's degree may not be evident, but later in your career,when a master's degree will give you an advantage, you may find that you do not have the time to earn a master's degree.
Read this blog on why a master’s degree pays off.

Does Touro GST offer scholarships and how much of a scholarship does Touro offer? What are the qualifications for earning a scholarship?

Touro GST does not offer scholarships because the tuition is extremely affordable. In other words, scholarships are already built into the tuition structure.
We offer a select number of graduate assistant jobs (for international students) and federal work study positions (for domestic students). Domestic students can also apply for government loans through the Financial Aid Department
Touro College offers the same affordable tuition to both our domestic and international students.
See our Techspec blog about tuition equality
You can find our tuition fees on our website

Is the Touro GST master's program classified as a STEM program so that an international student can get 3 years of OPT upon graduating?

Yes, Touro GST’s program is classified as a STEM program. Upon graduating, an international student can apply for 1 year of OPT,and towardsthe end of theyear can apply for the two-year STEM extension

What is the time frame for earning this degree?

Eleven (11) courses, comprising thirty-three (33) credits, are required for the completion of this master’s degree
Most students complete the program within two years, but it can be completed in less time if a student takes four classes in two or three semesters
Fall and Spring courses generally meet in the evenings, once a week for three hours,while the limited Summerschedule ofcourses meeton a more intensive schedule.

How many credits can I transfer from anothersimilar graduate program?

Students can transfer two courses or up to six credits from another similar graduate program.

Are the Touro GST programs available online or in person?

All GST classes are offered online in a synchronous mode. Domestic students either attend class in person or attend online at the precise time that the class meets. The US Federal regulations require international students to attend classes in person on campus.
All classes are live streamed on weekday (Monday –Thursday) evenings so that online students can interact fully with the professor and other students
All classes arerecorded, archived, and made available to all students

Are GREs or prerequisite courses required?

Taking the GRE exam is not a requirement for admittance into any Touro GST program.
Pre-requisites may be required for those without a technology or digital design background (consult with your program director).

Do you accept career changers?

Yes, wedo accept career changersholding a bachelor’s degree.(1 to 3 pre-requisite courses that we provide may be required.)

Do you provide job placements after graduation?

Touro GST offers career services assistance in the writing of resumes and cover letters, and mock interviews (practice). We assist in finding positions and provide information about job opportunities, but we cannot promise any job.

Can I work on campus?

Yes, you can work on campus if there is an appropriate position.

What English proficiency tests and scores are accepted for international students?

English proficiency:
TOEFL -minimum score of 8
IELTS -minimum score of 6.0
PTE -minimum score of 58
or proof the undergraduate studies medium was in English.
Duolingo is accepted.

What are the class sizes?

The average class size is 10-12 students. Some class sizes are smaller (6), and some are larger (20).

What should I write in my graduate school application essay?

Write an essay of at least one page. Talk about your background, your skills, and/or your career goals and why you would like to join the program.

Who should write my letters of recommendation (LOR)?

Your letters of recommendation can be from academic sources, such as a professor, a school counselor, or an advisor. It can also be written by a professional source, such as a direct manageror a volunteer opportunity supervisor.

How do I get a recommender to write a letter of recommendation (LOR)?

You should make a formal request by email or make an appointment to meet the person. Then ask the person if he or she could write an LOR on your behalf. Explain the purpose of the LOR and why you have chosen that person as your recommender. Finally, give the person enough time to consider your request for an LOR and then to write it.

How do I submit a letter of recommendation (LOR)?

Email your LOR as an attachment to your program director or, whenyou submit your application, the link will be generated if you check the appropriate box in your application when you provide the names and emails of the recommenders.

Should I wait until after COVID to get my degree?

That is a question that you would need to answer for yourself depending on your situation and on your health status. The Touro College campuses follow strict COVID safety guidelines, requiring a daily COVID screening, masking always, and social distancing.

Does Touro GST assist with housing?

Touro GST does not have a dormitory for our students. We assist our new international students to arrange for affordable short-term student housing for their arrival and then advise them after arrival to find their long-term housing. Because of our central location,students may live in any of the five boroughs of New York, in Western Long Island, in Westchester County. in Southwestern Connecticut,or in Northern New Jersey.

How much does Touro GST charge in tuition and fees?

Click HERE for Touro GST tuition

How do I pay my tuition?

At the start of each semester, you can pay in full for that semester or you can enroll in a payment plan. When you are enrolled in a payment plan, your current semester tuition is divided into four equal monthly payments. There is a small fee to enroll in the payment plan.