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Working in Technology Is The Place To Be

Touro University offers the tools that you will need to work in the competitive growing technology field. Find out more about what Dr. Shmuel Fink, GST Department Chairman for Network Administration & Cybersecurity, Web & Application Development, Technology Leadership & Project Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence & Database Systems, has to say about the CompTIA Research Paper and how it relates to careers after graduating from these programs.
By Tariq Cilione

Without a doubt, technology is one of the fastest growing and highly lucrative industries in a 21st century economy. For companies to be relevant, they need a strong technology presence to run their business. Product based companies require the expertise to design products that are accessible and easy to use. Developing the front-end, back-end, and databases are all critical jobs needed to run any company efficiently and profitably.


For the past 10-12 years, despite a fluctuating economy, companies who invested in tech infrastructure along with people skilled enough to build, maintain and design their products, realized significant gains and growth. Now that trend is ever increasing. Job growth in the Tech industry is projected to increase significantly during the next 10 years. According to The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) report on the State of The Tech Workforce | Cyberstates 2022, “Tech employment was off to a strong start during the first two months of 2022. If the momentum continues and the U.S. economy returns to a degree of normalcy, net tech employment in 2022 could reach its projected target of 8,856,902, which translates to 177,705 net new workers added or +2.0% growth.”


Individuals, who want to break into the tech industry, refine their skills, or gain marketable skills, will see technology as a growing field with long-term job security. CompTIA’s top projected growth occupations for 2022 are mostly in the technology world. The publication lists the following positions: 4.3% Data Scientists, 4.0% Cybersecurity, 3.9% Software Developers and Software QA, 3.5% Computer and Information Research Scientists, 2.6% Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers, 2.1% Emerging Tech, IT Project Management.


This translates to a significant need for more developers, analysists, and programmers to meet the upcoming demand. That is why Touro University’s Masters of Science degree in Network Administration & Cybersecurity, Web & Application Development, Technology Leadership & Project Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence & Database Systems are well positioned to provide the education for those eager to enter these areas of technology. Touro’s Graduate School of Technology runs a program that helps its students gain the necessary and in-demand skills needed for today’s thriving tech sector.


A concern many recent graduates currently have is landing a well-paying and secure job and career. Technology is a field that pays well and provides many available positions. Its conservatively strong industry growth dictates a continuous influx of talent. With today’s economic situation affecting each person’s cost of living, it is important now more than ever for people to find jobs that pay a fair wage and provides job security. That is why technology jobs are ideal in today’s world. Touro’s Technology programs prepare candidates for careers that have many job opportunities with significant compensation.


It is noteworthy that The Computing Technology Industry Association projects that, in 10 years, by 2032, the number of technology positions will realize very optimistic growth projections. CompTIA lists growth projections for Data Scientists at 268%, Cybersecurity at 253%, and Software Developers at 215%. Even Project Management has relatively safe projections at 47% growth for the next 10 years. This growth means that there will be a need for qualified and highly skilled professionals within the tech industry and in the many companies and business that need strong tech infrastructure to run 24/7.


Dr. Shmuel Fink, GST Department Chairman for Network Administration & Cybersecurity, Web & Application Development, Technology Leadership & Project Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence & Database Systems, commented on the CompTIA Research Paper.


"While the CompTIA Research Paper covered a variety of important topics, it is heartwarming to learn that the CompTIA report clearly validates, from an employment perspective, the GST programs which we offer. The report states that ’Tech occupation employment over the next 10 years is expected to grow at about twice the rate of overall employment across the economy.’


Specifically, the report lists all four of our specialties (concentrations) as having projected tech growth rates above the national rate. Data Scientists (which I believe includes Data Analysis) and Cybersecurity are the top two technology areas with extremely high percentages. Web & Application Development, Technology Leadership & Project Management, Network Administration & Cybersecurity, and Business Intelligence & Database Systems all appear further down on the list as well.


I think that a ten-year forward look, which this study addresses, is what is important for marketing our programs. No one enrolls in a master’s degree program simply because of what the market has been like recently or what the market is projected to be like over the next year or two. I think that prospective students are most interested in the long-term (at least 10 years) likelihood of employment and improved employment as reflected in the report. I take pride in our programs, knowing that the data substantiates why we teach these areas of technology.”


Touro University’s Graduate School of Technology understands the need for training and developing professionals for the tech economy. Under these Technology programs are what will prepare students to land a job in tech after graduation. These Technology degree covers various in demand professions.


Keeping with market demands, Touro GST adapts and changes to ensure that its students are prepared and competitive amongst their peers vying for a lucrative and secure career in technology.