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International Students – Earn your Technology Master’s in the Heart of NYC at Touro GST!

From tuition equality to a dedicated International Enrollment team to networking and job search assistance, discover why so many international students choose Touro Graduate School of Technology to earn their master’s degrees in technology in the US.

New York is one of the most diverse cities on the planet – with over 800 languages spoken every single day – and Touro Graduate School of Technology celebrates that diversity by welcoming students from around the globe. In fact, 50% of the students enrolled in Touro GST are international students, and they make up an integral part of our community.

As Director of International Recruitment for Touro University, James Shafer explains, international students have a strong in-person attendance that helps the school’s on-campus life to thrive, and some also play an important role in the Touro community by working as Graduate Assistants. “Our international students not only add to the dynamism of the student body,” he explains. “They also make the workplace a vibrant atmosphere of many nationalities.”

For overseas students who are eager to come to the US for a high-quality education, Touro Graduate School Technology makes it easy to earn an advanced degree in technology that can help them fast-track their careers. Similarly, you too can learn more about all the ways Touro GST helps international students to thrive and how you can build your future with the support of a community that feels like family.


International students are drawn to Touro GST for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the school’s New York City location. With a brand new Times Square campus just a short distance from New York’s Silicon Alley in the Flatiron District, Touro GST puts students right in the heart of the city – and in position to take advantage of some of the most exciting and high-paying tech career opportunities in the world.

In fact, according to the 2023 Robert Half Salary Survey, the salary differential for tech careers in New York City recently overtook the Silicon Valley salary differential for the first time. New York City digital tech salaries came in 3% higher than those in the San Francisco Bay area (38% vs. 35%), making New York City the new go-to destination for tech professionals looking for high-paying jobs.

All of the master’s degree programs at Touro GST are STEM-certified, which is also an advantage for international students. By completing a STEM-certified graduate degree program, a student receives three years of post-graduation employment eligibility, compared with just one year granted by non-STEM certified programs. Plus, as Jim points out, 3-year STEM OPT often leads to H1B sponsorship, allowing graduates to stay in the US to build their careers.

Loucas is one of those graduates, current living his dream working at CISCO after earning his Master of Science in Information Systems from Touro GST. “It was always my passion and goal to join CISCO Systems,” he enthuses. “With the skills I gained from my master’s program, I was able to get my dream job.” After being hired as a Systems Engineer, Loucas was promoted to Enterprise Systems Architect and is excited about his future advancement. “Touro offered hands-on skills that really helped me understand networking and contributed to where I am today. Now, my goal is grow within CISCO!”

Touro GST also makes earning a master’s degree in the US more affordable for international students. Unlike most of the other US colleges and universities, which often double tuition rates for international students, Touro offers tuition equality for all students, regardless of the country they call home. Touro international students pay the same tuition as domestic/in-state students, giving them equal ability to pursue an advanced degree that will help them land a rewarding job in tech.


With international students making up such a vital part of its community, Touro GST is committed to providing their international students with the support they need to succeed from Day 1. Touro has a dedicated International Enrollment office that starts assisting students before they even arrive in New York, helping them to secure housing via or through the grapevine of other students for affordable long-term roommate shares.

Touro GST international students also can take advantage of the school’s membership in One to World (, which helps to create connections via weekly activities. Events range from community service and cultural activities to workshops, networking opportunities, interview prep sessions, and much more, providing a much needed support system and sense of camaraderie.

“Touro GST felt like home right away,” Loucas remembers. “They showed me I wasn’t just another applicant – I was joining a family.” Recent graduate Elahe B. agrees: “You’re not going to be homesick when you’re among Touro’s family.” Elahe completed her master’s degree in Web & Multimedia Design and now works as a UX/UI Designer for Bank of New York Mellon. Looking back on her time at Touro GST, she shares, “It feels like you’re among your best friends or your family.”

Student also find support from the Touro GST careers office, which sends out weekly job listings and actively works to help students get interviews. In fact, they’ve helped many international students make connections and contacts that have resulted in interviews or job offers – including Mehmet, who completed his Master of Science in Instructional Technology in 2017 and now works as an instructional designer for a non-profit in Florida. “The faculty and staff were really awesome and so friendly! Everyone was so helpful with solving issues and helping me prepare for interviews to get a job.”


Another reason Touro Graduate School of Technology is a popular pick among international students is because it offers a wide range of high-quality, low-cost master’s degree programs in technology. In addition to being STEM-certified, all of Touro GST’s master’s degree programs are available online or on campus, which makes earning an advanced degree in technology both flexible and affordable.

According to Jim, one of the most popular programs among international students is Touro GST’s Master of Science in Information Systems, a dynamic program designed to shape the next generation of technology leaders. International students often pursue concentrations in Network Administration and Cybersecurity or in Web & App Development to build their knowledge of technical areas, making them competitive candidates for roles like Cybersecurity Analysts, Network Administrators, Cloud Computing Specialist, System and Web Developers, and other innovative tech jobs upon graduation.

International students are also drawn to Touro GST’s Master of Arts in Web & Multimedia Design with a concentration in UX/UI Design, which takes a user-centered approach to design. In hands-on classes, students learn to leverage research techniques, design thinking, and UX best practices to create experiences that are intuitive and delightful. After completing the program, graduates have a deep understanding of front-end scripting languages like HTML and CSS, setting the stage for careers in UX/UI design, 3D modeling, animation, web design, and more.

The newly launched Master of Science in Data Analytics is also a popular choice among international students who are looking for tech careers with strong growth potential and job security. Students learn fundamental skills like data modeling and mining, statistics, analytical thinking, quantitative methods and information management needed to succeed in the field. Then, they can customer their path with a concentration in Technology/Database or Business to pursue high-demand careers like Data Scientist, Operations Analyst, Business Consultant, Financial Analyst, or Machine Learning Engineer.

Touro GST also offers a Master of Science in Instructional Technology, which trains graduates to effectively implement technological tools and tech-related curricula. The programs offers two distinctive tracks designed to help students meet their career goals: The NYS Teacher Certification allows graduates to work as Education Technology Specialists in K-12 schools and qualify for the master’s salary differential, while the Corporate Trainer track provides the skills for graduates to work as Corporate Trainers, Instructional Designers, or Staff Developers for businesses, hospitals, and more.

Earning your master’s degree will ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to stand out in what’s already a competitive field. Braj encourages anyone who’s considering taking the leap to earn an MSDA to jump in and do so. “Keep learning,” he recommends. “It is more competitive than ever, and new stuff is coming out every day. If you keep learning, you will do well.”

If you’re ready to kick-start your career and explore rewarding tech opportunities by earning your master’s degree in the US, Touro is ready to give you the support you need to succeed! Contact Touro College Graduate School of Technology today to learn more about our advanced degrees in technology and how you can apply today.