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Build your Project Management Career by Earning an Advanced Certificate in Project Management and Unlock New IT Opportunities.

Learn more about how getting an Advanced Certificate in Project Management can help you build the career you want, allowing you to boost your salary and tap into new opportunities without a master’s degree.
By Davlynn Gundolff

Are you ready to take your career to the next level by becoming a Project Manager – but not quite ready to commit to a master’s degree? Then an Advanced Certificate in Project Management could be the solution you need! Not only is it a simple way to boost your knowledge and your salary in a relatively short amount of time, but it can also help you to figure out if getting your master’s degree is a path you eventually want to pursue (which will give you a leg up if you do).

If you’ve considered “continuing education,” certification programs, you’ll find that they are a series of classes or workshops that aren’t quite as intense as formal degree programs but still provide a measured level of knowledge. Depending on the type of certificate you choose, these courses also may provide a solid foundation on which you can build to take a licensing or certification exam that proves you’re qualified to work in your chosen field.

Similarly, when it comes to a Project Management Advanced Certificate, getting one has many benefits, starting with a potential increase in your annual pay. In fact, if you decide to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam after completing your Project Management Advanced Certificate.

you can boost your salary by 26 percent! Other technology certifications like Agile and Prince2 can result in a similar bump in pay, and they’ll also position you to advance your career as a project manager in technology (and earn even more money).

Another benefit of completing your Technology Project Management Advanced Certification is that it often takes less than one year – rather than the two or more years you’ll need to earn a master’s degree. Plus, at Touro GST, the credits you earn by completing your certificate can later be applied to a master’s degree, so you’ll already be well on your way to earning a Master of Science if you want one.

Once you’ve completed a certificate program and passed the technology certification exams that are applicable for your career goals, you’ll be qualified to expand your horizons beyond IT into the management world. As a Technology Project Manager, you’ll get the opportunity to work on exciting initiatives that can have a huge impact on a department or division – or even an entire company

Corporate technology projects could include anything from implementing a new internal HR tool or developing an external payment system to working with AI and Machine Learning to create an innovative product or service. As a Project Manager, you’ll create a project plan, identify resources, and guide the team from inception to completion – tracking progress, documenting processes, and course correcting along the way. In short, you’ll be in the driver’s seat, steering the project with your knowledge and expertise to ensure that the project successfully crosses the finished line.

The demand for professionals who have deep knowledge of technology and how technology intersects with business is on the rise, and over the next 10 years, the Computer and Information Technology industry is expected to grow by 13%. That adds up to nearly 668,000 new opportunities, creating plenty of job security in what’s generally a high-paying career field: On average, Project Management Specialists working in Computer Systems Design and related areas earn around $102,000 annually, and that figure can soar with additional experience and certifications.

Clearly, getting your Advanced Certificate in Project Management can have a dramatic impact on your future, opening the door to exciting new opportunities. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career and combine your love of technology with project management skills, then the Project Management Advanced Certificate at Touro College Graduate School of Technology may be right for you.

Our brand-new New York State-approved advanced certification program is designed to give you a deep knowledge of IT Project Management that will empower you to build the technology career you’ve always wanted. Along with providing a comprehensive understanding of project management, Touro’s Project Management Advanced Certificate will also help if you decide to pursue any associated certifications, including the Prince2, PMP, ITIL, or Agile Certified Practitioner.

Completed over the course of two semesters, you’ll take a total of four classes that will help you build a solid foundation in Technology Project Management, teaching you both fundamental and advanced principles that will enhance your project management and business strategy toolkits. By completing the certificate, you’ll earn a total of 12 credits from the following four courses, which are part of the current Master of Science in Project Management curriculum:

  • Information Technology Project Management which introduces Project Management best practices
  • Advanced Information Technology Project Management which defines guidelines for bringing order to the chaotic world of IT projects.
  • IT Service Managementwhich delves into industry standards and Project Management theory as it applies to IT
  • Agile Project Managemen which covers advanced Agile methodologies like Scrum, XP Lean, and Kanban.

After you’ve finished all four classes, you’ll have a well-rounded academic education in Project Management that will qualify you to be hired for more advanced positions in technology project management. You can also take the 12 credits you earn through the Advanced Certificate in Project Management and apply them toward Touro College Graduate School of Technology’s Master of Science degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Project Management at any time.

Ready to learn more? Contact Touro College Graduate School of Technology to find out how you can apply for your Project Management Advanced Certificateand finally start building the technology career you deserve!