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The Touro Graduate School of Technology holds a number of events throughout the year to supplement and reinforce the curriculum of the schools three master’s programs.

Designed for the benefit of Touro students and faculty, and for the enrichment of the general public, these events include open houses, one day institutes, online information sessions, career nights, evening workshops and guest speakers.

Upcoming Events

Open House

Come in and find out about how our programs can help you create computer networks, administer databases, develop applications for the web, design websites, teach technology, or even become a Chief Information Officer.
Meet the Dean, Chairs, Directors, Faculty, Students and Alumni

6PM – 8PM

27 W 23rd Street
Room 534
New York, NY 10010


Game-Based Learning Workshop

How does game design really work? Find out at a Game-Based Learning workshop presented by Professor Al Doyle, Chair of the Multimedia & Web Design Program at Touro Graduate School of Technology.
Prof. Al Doyle

5:30PM – 7:30PM

27 West 23rd Street, Room 534
New York, NY 10010