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Husnal W.

Congratulations to Husnal W. (MSIS, Jan '19) on landing a position as Technical Support Specialist at IBM.

"Despite working in the financial world, for which I had been educated previously, I felt that something in my career was missing. I was not working to my full potential and I decided to change my career focus. Technology was always my hobby and, so, I decided to enter the Information Technology world and turn my hobby into a profession. For my IT education, I selected Touro University’s Graduate School of Technology in New York City to earn a Master of Science degree in Information Systems. My experience at Touro and in New York City was remarkable.

Touro professors made sure that I would be prepared for an IT position. The education did not solely concentrate on academic knowledge for grades. It provided a solid foundation in preparing me to work in the technology business world. I worked hard and I was rewarded with a 4.0 GPA. In addition, I was awarded a Graduate Assistant position that enabled me to earn money while getting real life, on-the-job training.

At Touro, there were amazing mentors who supported and guided me in the right career direction. I was given a rare opportunity to learn about mainframe computers, and, as a result, upon graduating, I landed an amazing job at IBM which draws on my knowledge of mainframes and finance."

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