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Touro GST MSIS 2020 Graduate Emre T.

Emre T., a Touro GST MSIS 2020 Graduate

How did you learn about GST?

I learned about GST from my friend who attended GST one year before me. He told me how I could start building my professional career by selecting one of the tracks offered by GST.

Why did you choose GST for your graduate degree and in what ways did GST meet your expectations?

I chose GST because I knew GST could help me gain the skills and knowledge to do my best work. I believed that GST would better position me for more opportunities for advancement in my career. In the end, GST helped me gain advanced skills and in-depth knowledge of an area outside my specialty. GST provided me with a solid foundation in a completely new area.

What did you like the most about attending GST?

Aside from the degree, GST is also a great place to network. Professors, classmates, and peers can all be great connections to maintain as you pursue your career after GST. I believe that the terrific connections that I made during my time in GST helped me find my current job.

Which professor or course made an impression on you while pursuing your higher education and why was that professor or course so special?

I am so glad that I had an opportunity to take some classes from Miriam Plonczak. She is one of the best professors at GST. She works very hard to make students understand advanced topics. She gives you detailed feedback about your work. She always responded to emails and was willing to answer questions no matter how trivial they seemed to be. Some students complain that she is a tough grader. Yes, she doesn't give good grades easily because she knows that this is the best way to make her students work hard and understand what she teaches. Nevertheless, she is an awesome instructor.

What did you learn in Touro GST and how did you implement that in your current job?

One of the most important courses that I took at Touro GST was Project Management. In this course, I learned that Project Management is essentially the practice of turning ideas into reality. Learning how the pros plan, budget, prioritize, and execute projects helped me do the same in my personal and professional life. I learned how to accomplish my goals faster and how to meet deadlines on time. Knowing how to take a project through to completion not only made it a less stressful experience, but it also improved the quality of my work and thus left me more satisfied.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to one day be a lead product manager, creating and scaling innovative tech products.

If a student were considering several graduate programs, what would you say to that student?

If they’re looking to move up in their career, gaining additional skills through a graduate program will give them a competitive edge over someone with an equal amount of experience but fewer years of education under their belt. If they would like to become someone who will take responsibility for planning, supervising, and executing efforts related to the business of technology, they should consider majoring in Technology Leadership and Project Management. Alternatively, they could learn Data Analytics and Database Systems, if they think, they will enjoy managing the databases used by organizations, and making sure that the systems operate continually at a high level.

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