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GST alum Yuly M.

GST alum Yuly M., the technology Liaison at Brooklyn, New York's P36K school district, played an important role once the global pandemic hit.

"The children at my school have special needs and it was critical to find an all-encompassing technological solution to enable them to learn without any gaps. Our student population is comprised of mostly low-income families who live in public housing buildings, shelters, and foster homes and don't have access to Wi-Fi, so we first needed to overcome the major challenge of ensuring that all students had an Internet ready device. Another one of our main areas of focus was helping our teachers transition to a fully virtual environment, which came with its own challenges. I was given three days to coordinate a plan to enable all of our staff, nearly 300 people from five schools in our district who are teaching PreK-high school students, to teach from home. Thankfully, the results of my efforts were very positive! Our staff members were able to successfully connect to the learning platforms that best met the individual needs of their students and I helped set up secure email accounts for all students as well. Over the course of the past ten months, our school has really come a long way. None if this would have been possible however without the vital collaboration between students, guardians, parents, and staff members," said Megirov.

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