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Work Well with Others

7 Communication Tips for a Successful Career in Technology

At the Graduate School of Technology’s (GST) Career Night on March 1, two young, dynamic computer engineers from the website, Foursquare, let their audience in on the best practices for effectively communicating with clients, coworkers, and CEO’s throughout their technology careers.

Titled Beyond Coding, the talk featured Maryam Aly and Max Sklar, discussing the ways that GST students and alumni can avoid common communication pitfalls and adopt better, user-friendly 'soft' skills to maximize a tech graduate’s value in the workplace.

Some important do’s and don’ts that technology employees should remember:

  • Be authentic, personal, and positive. Use your personality, rather than robotically go through motions
  • Don’t use insider jargon. Don’t talk down to your colleagues.
  • Think about what interests your audience based on their perspective and expertise
  • Sandwich negative feedback between positive feedback
  • Recognize differences in your audiences. Are they engineers? CEO’s? Students?
  • Listen to negative comments and feedback. You will have your blind spots, so it’s important to find out where to improve. Don’t be defensive and don’t place blame.
  • Use motivating language-
    Say: wouldn’t it be great if we loaded the data as soon as the first app hit happens?
    Not: don’t you want to just open up your phone and have the app screen already loaded?

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