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WMM Program Chair Dominika Juraszek

Introduction Letter from our New Department Chair of the Web & Multimedia Design Program.

Dear Touro’s Graduate School of Technology Students, Faculty, Alumni and Friends:

I write to introduce myself as the new Web and Multi-Media Program Chair for the Graduate School of Technology. I am honored and excited to serve the university’s community at this time and look forward to leading one of the strongest departments at Touro University.

I would like to share with you my background and passion for academia and all things design. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Rhode Island School of Design, where I studied design and multimedia extensively while working on various film and video projects. During this time, I fell in love with multimedia and was awarded the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Grant and the Kosciuszko Foundation Grant. I worked as a video/animation director and started teaching animation and visual arts at Cal Arts/Inner City Arts Partnership. This experience motivated me to earn my Master’s Degree at California Institute of the Arts and paved the road to my lifelong interest in academia. I had the wonderful opportunity of teaching and supporting students and faculty, and developing multimedia curriculum at top schools such as New York University, RISD, Cal Arts/Inner City Arts, Bramson ORT College, WeDesign, BCNY, General Assembly, and now Touro University’s Graduate Program.

I continued to work with various non-profit and commercial organizations, including documentary and animation work at Interface Arts at Liberty Studios, Times Square Couture Fashion Week banners, and producing various marketing materials displayed at New York City’s public transportation advertisements. My work has been exhibited in various galleries and festivals across the country. With this experience, I hope to inspire the next generation of artists, designers, and multi-media professionals that graduate from our top programs.

What makes this school unique is our supportive community. At Touro, every student gets the individual attention they seek, and the faculty always strive to help their students succeed by monitoring their progress and giving them that important one-on-one time if needed. Here at Touro, we don’t just care about students’ grades or career plans, we also care about their overall well-being. One example that illustrates this mission is our recent Student Support Fund launched to help assist students that are most impacted by this difficult COVID-19 pandemic. This is just one of the many ways that Touro works to support students so they may achieve their academic and personal goals.

Working with Touro’s strong community, my mission is to truly expose all the great benefits of joining our programs to the rest of the world. It is a great time to focus on one’s educational goals and dreams while spending time productively at home. In addition to our in-demand undergraduate and graduate degrees, we also offer online workshops in the latest software and skills. Touro has made it easy for students to take top technology courses online with some of our best professors at a fraction of the cost. A graduate degree can open many new career doors, including teaching opportunities!

It is my strong belief that in order to teach the latest technology, our faculty must be experts in their given industry while teaching the most updated content. Our focus is to prepare our students to be career-ready upon graduation. My goal is to continue to make our curriculum accessible, current, and progressive. Portfolio preparation will be an important aspect of our degree courses. I want every high school and college graduate to know that Touro is a popular choice for someone who wants a real-world education with a supportive community at an affordable price. Our students will be the next generation of top developers, designers, technicians, and engineers.

As Chair, I look forward to working with our dedicated faculty and staff and with our creative students who enliven this college. I welcome the opportunity to learn from you and about you, as well as welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback at any time.

With warmest regards,
Dominika Juraszek

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