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Graduate School of Technology Students Meet with Recruiters at Career Fair

Graduate School of Technology Students Meet with Recruiters at Career Fair

“They Offered Us Lots of Possibilities”

Students at Touro’s Graduate School of Technology had a chance to meet with leading technology recruiters at GST’s spring career fair on April 22.

GST’s Director of Career Services Robert Grosberg met with all GST students before the fair to work on their interviewing and presentation skills.

“There are several goals to our career fair,” Grosberg stated. “The ultimate goal is to get our students placed, but a secondary objective is to give our students practice interviewing for a position and exposure to companies. We want our students to be prepared.”

Positions range across all aspects of technology and recruiters included members of L. Blake Partners and PruTech among others. Available positions to be filled included business support coordinator, Java developers, database developers and programming analysts.

“The goal is to help students find opportunities with different companies in the tech industry and get interviews,” stated GST’s Director of Marketing Tova Borowski. “We want our students to see what it’s like to present themselves for a possible position.”

GST student Lila Memetov said that while she was still a full-time student at GST, she wanted to practice her interviewing skills.

“I want to know how to interview: what do employers expect?” said Memetov who is on the school’s web and multimedia design track. “How do I present myself?”

Colby Beacham, a senior business development manager at PruTech, was impressed with the students he met and said he had positions for some immediately across a range of tech jobs. PruTech is a 20-year-old IT and consulting firm that is active in both the public and the private sector.

“They’re pursuing education and are ambitious,” Beacham said about the students. “Everyone seems sharp.”

He offered the following tip to job seekers: “Have one or two things that you know you want in a job,” said Beacham. “Be as specific as you can since it can steer the conversation. It doesn’t have to be what you want to do five years from now, but something along the lines of: what are you good at right now? What is something that you can walk in and do right now?

Batsheva Schiffer, a graduate of LCW and a student at GST (“I’ve been part of the Touro family since 2009,” she said), attended the fair.

“It’s been a very positive experience,” she said. “It’s rare to have the ability to sit down with a recruiter and see what they want and if I fit the bill. “

Schiffer said her ideal position was working in instructional technology in a corporate environment.

GST student Armando Harka said he enjoyed his experience meeting with recruiters.

“They offered us lots of possibilities for careers,” said Harka who is specializing in database and IT systems at GST. “It was a good experience.”

“I was able to connect with a recruiter and work to match my skill set with my future endeavors,” said GST student Sherisse Brown who is on the school’s instructional technology track. “The feedback I received was helpful and meeting with Robert Grosberg before the fair gave me more confidence in my own abilities.”