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A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

Creativity, where does it start? I remember having this question on my final report of the Media and Culture course at Touro. So many directions, so many paths to explore using technology as a new tool for my career as a graphic designer. I learned something very important about creativity: it comes out when you are willing to put yourself into new experiences, new challenges and new goals.

As a Senior Designer for OnBrand, the in-house agency for American Express, I am always looking for creative ways to help our clients and shareholders achieve success with their products. Every day is a challenge to create a solution in the digital or print space of design. Andy Deck’s class in User Interface and User Experience Principles opened my mind to always keep pushing the envelope for our customers’ deliverables. I have the distinct pleasure of working on all types of collateral such as: card design, iconography, wordmarks, direct mail, posters, out of home signage, emails, digital banners, landing pages, welcome kits, etc,. Our team collaborates and recommends ideas that our colleagues never knew you could do with their product.

American Express believes in putting the customer first with service and security that gives them trust in our global brand. Learning and having the opportunity to steward the brand to our associates is an amazing feeling and responsibility. My colleagues are always coming to me to educate them on what the colors, fonts, logos, and imagery they should be using for their work.

One of the biggest challenges for me working here is learning to work within the conservative restraints of the corporate financial market. I have learned that everything has to have reason behind the design and you have to be able to explain your thought process that will convince them to go with your solution. Also, never show the worst design. They will pick that one!

When I started here we were only five people and have grown to 11 people on the OnBrand team. It’s a great feeling to be part of an in-house agency that is respected by our peers and always looking for the next big assignment to turn people’s heads. Keep a lookout for American Express because there are big surprises on the horizon!