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Touro GST Student Receives an Award for Winning the Annual Study New York Photo & Video Contest

Nazokat Samandarova, a talented student from Touro Graduate School of Technology (GST), has recently received a prestigious award for her outstanding video submission to Study New York's Annual Photo & Video Contest. Among the international students enrolled in New York, Nazokat's video stood out and won her the Best Video Award for this year's theme of "Why I love studying in New York" and "Winter Wonderland".

In her winning video, Nazokat passionately expressed her love for Touro GST and the vibrant city of New York, highlighting the unique features that make it an ideal place to pursue higher education. She highlighted the supportive and experienced faculty members of Touro GST, who help the students to achieve their goals with utmost dedication.

Nazokat also showcased the new Cross River Campus located in the heart of Times Square, which provides state-of-the-art facilities for students to learn and grow. She also shared her personal experiences of the exciting activities that she enjoys before and after classes, making her learning experience even more enjoyable

Furthermore, Nazokat also shared how Touro GST has presented her with an array of career opportunities, helping her to fulfill her aspirations and reach her full potential.

We invite you to watch Nazokat's award-winning video below. Congratulations to Nazokat for this remarkable achievement, and we wish her all the success in her future endeavors.

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