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How Social Media Can Give the Silent Generation a Voice

Wired, a monthly American magazine, which focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics, interviewed Touro University Graduate School of Technology (GST) Professor Jesse Epstein.

The founding chair of the Web and Multimedia Design program, Professor Jesse Epstein, has been teaching at a college level for over 44 years. Professor Epstein moved to Costa Rica with his wife and young child when he turned 70 years old. Recently, he arranged a Zoom roast at the request of his friend BJ who has been in Prof. Epstein’s social groups for many years. The event ended up turning in to less of a roast and more of a tribute or party atmosphere.

During the Zoom session, Professor Epstein says “I wouldn’t be able to live the life I now lead without the assistance of Zoom, Google Classroom, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams. My current students are all masters-level schoolteachers, seeking an additional master’s degree in Instructional Technology. I use Zoom to observe and evaluate how well they incorporate these technologies into their lessons live in the classroom. I was surprised by how much more attentive students seemed to be online than they typically were in the classroom receiving the same material.” In addition, by using all of these platforms, Professor Epstein keeps in touch with all of his friends that he has known for decades.

Professor Epstein currently teaches two graduate courses in Touro University’s Graduate School of Technology – Projects in Educational Technology and Projects in Educational Technology.

Professor Epstein goes on to say “Networking technologies have supported all my life choices and helped me and my family achieve a level of freedom and independence I didn’t think was possible for someone in his mid-seventies, I’ve met other semiretired and retired people who are also thriving for the same reasons.”

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