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Valerie Taylor

Jane-of-All-Trades, Master of Some…

I have studied commercial art since my A.S. and have worked in the NYC advertising industry. I have a career background in both corporate (Wall Street law firm) and (Madison Ave) ad agencies. I have an academic and professional background spanning animation; user experience design; information architecture; knowledge management; literature; web design and development; as well as visual, digital, print production, fine arts, art history, oil painting, and mixed media.

I completed my BA from Columbia University and my MS from KSU in User Experience Design (UXD). Additionally, I have multiple certificates from Noble Desktop and the NY Code + Design Academy as well as more unfinished degrees than I’d care to admit. Aside from being a professional student myself, I have remote, a/synchronous, hybrid and, in both the classroom and lab setting, professional teaching experience. I’m currently working towards acceptance for the SVA MFA in Visual Narrative educator’s scholarship in order to integrate and combine my technology, writing, teaching and design skillsets.

I’ve taught branding, design, typography, color theory, code, Adobe software, studio arts, user experience design, interaction design, interface design, portfolio management, digital graphics, and imaging. As an adjunct formerly, at CUNY in the Heights, Parson’s | The New School, Baruch | CUNY and NYU SPS CADA. As well as currently an Assistant Professor at The College of Westchester, New York Institute of Technology | NY Tech, Touro | Graduate School of Technology and Lander.

From Freshman to Grad Students to Adult learners…I am an enthusiastic, responsive and devoted teacher and mentor to my students. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out during or after class. I have a vested interest in my student’s success both professionally and ethically. Having started my career at a technical school garnering my first job in the industry before the completion of my portfolio class I know the value of both practical applications and the theory behind the work.

My career has spanned many trends and waves of change. I have earned credentials throughout to stay abreast of technological advances. Primarily recognizing that design is at the crossroads of this changing landscape, as well as traditional and classic methods and principles. Technology can only produce to the level of the input of the user and that’s what I specialize in, best practices and tips and tricks. What you take away from the course and remember and apply in 6 months is key. I am both a driven and passionate learner that looks forward to discovering new things alongside my students, as well as cheerleading and coaching as necessary!

Degrees Held:

  • B.A. in Literature, Columbia University (2007)
  • M.S. in User Experience Design, KSU (2017)
  • M.F.A. in Visual Narrative,School of Visual Arts (Anticipated graduation 2024 if accepted for educator’s scholarship)
  • Research Interests:

    Disruptive Design, Technology and the Future; Visual Storytelling; Design Thinking; Creative Problem Solving; User Experience Design; TESOL