Join Touro GST's WMM workshop on October 17:

"Introduction to Motion Capture, Editing and Animation in Unreal Engine"
Marcela Bragagnolo

6:00 – 9:00 PM EST time

Address IconFree on campus

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“Introduction to Motion Capture, Editing, and Animation in Unreal Engine” introduces Unreal Engine 5.2 and covers animation and motion capture techniques within this platform known for its advanced real-time 3D graphics capabilities. The workshop sets a main focus on importing motion capture files into 3D characters and leveraging motion editing in the timeline through traditional keyframe animation methods.

For In-Person Attendees:
We have a limited total of 32 seats available with Mac computers, split between two labs (Mac Labs 425 & 427). Please be sure to secure your spot as soon as possible to ensure your participation.

For Remote Participants:
We understand that not everyone can make it in person, so we are offering a Zoom option for remote attendance. However, it's essential to note that participants joining remotely must have a computer system that meets the necessary hardware specifications to handle Unreal Engine. We won't be able to provide remote troubleshooting for Zoom participants before or during the workshop. You can find the minimum and recommended hardware specifications on the unrealengine.com website. We highly recommend that remote participants familiarize themselves with Unreal Engine's user interface prior to the workshop. You can access a practical tutorial by following this link.

Unreal Engine is available for free download, so you can start preparing for the workshop right away.

About the Presenter:

Marcela Bragagnolo is an animator and VFX artist based in New York City, originally from Argentina. Marcela's freelance work includes animated particle theatrical projections, dance motion capture, 3D and 2D animations for film and games, digital human creation, and animation for film and AI. She has worked for Amazon TV, AOIN, Satore Studio, Create Labs Ventures, New York Live Arts Theatre, and Alvin Ailey ADT. Marcela studied animation and emerging 3D technologies at NYU. She is also Nuke certified and studied Virtual Production at CGPro with mentors William Faucher and Jack Brown from ILM. She recently participated in the Animation Unreal Fellowship at Epic Games.

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Looking forward to seeing you there! ~Touro GST

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