Join Touro GST's WAD workshop in December: Building a CRUD API with ASP.NET Core 7.0 and SQL Server

6:00 – 7:30 PM EST

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In the workshop attendees with a beginner understanding of web development will learn to create a Web API using C# capable of performing CRUD operations on a SQL Server database. The session begins with an introduction to ASP.NET Core, RESTful APIs, and CRUD concepts, followed by a hands-on segment to set up an ASP.NET Core project and configure a SQL Server database connection. Participants will then engage in designing a database model and building a Controller to implement the CRUD operations. The workshop includes practical testing of the API using tools like Postman or Swagger.


  • Basic knowledge of any programming language.
  • SQL Server developer edition and .NET 7.0 SDK installed.
  • Visual Studio 2022 community edition.
  • Basic understanding of RESTful principles.

Download links for pre-requisites:

About the Presenter:

Pratik Singh is a seasoned Senior ETL and Data Analyst at Touro University in New York, specializing in migrating manual processes to ETL systems for enhanced efficiency and workflow automation. With a strong foundation in coding languages such as C#, C++, and Java, Pratik has played a pivotal role in building secure APIs for data transportation between services and applications. His experience as a System Analyst involves designing and implementing workflows for student enrollment applications, including integrating identity risk evaluation to prevent identity theft. As a Software Developer at Urban FT, Pratik focused on optimizing settlement file processes and integrating transaction risk evaluation to thwart fraudulent transactions. With a diverse background as a Full Stack Web Developer and a robust education in Information Systems, Pratik brings a wealth of technical expertise to his roles, marked by key projects such as developing a HIPAA-compliant Patient Record Management System and a digital PUC Management System.

NOTE:  All you need is a device with internet connection to stream the webinar live online from home. Sign up using the RSVP form on this page.

Sign up using the RSVP form on this page.

You will receive a separate email the day before or the day of the workshop with the Zoom link and password to join the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you there! ~Touro University GST

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