MSDA Workshop 2023

Join Touro GST's Data Analytics workshop in December:

How AI is transforming the Data Analytics landscape

6:00 – 7:30 PM EST time

Address IconFree and online via Zoom

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Key points to be discussed:

  • Defining fields and explaining overlaps.
  • AI skills needed for Data Analytics
  • Technical expertise needed to deploy and maintain AI systems.

About the Presenter:

Sarwat is an avid educator and lifelong learner. Currently she is pursuing a PhD in Data Science. She has several years of experience in data analytics where she has held roles in marketing analytics to end-to-end machine learning. She transitioned from Communications without any coding background. In future, she wants to leverage her communication skills from previous career as a gateway to understand natural language processing better. Specifically, she is researching on creating more efficient and capable LLM architectures by reducing the computational requirements for training and deployment, while simultaneously increasing their generative and understanding capabilities.

NOTE:  All you need is a device with internet connection to stream the webinar live online from home.

Sign up using the RSVP form on this page.

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Looking forward to seeing you there! ~Touro GST

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