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Earn your certification as part of your master’s degree at Touro University GST

Hear from three soon-to-be graduates of Touro University Graduate School of Technology about how they earned their certifications in place of completing capstone projects – and how it’s already helping them to advance their careers in tech.

Graduation is just a month away, and here at Touro University Graduate of School of Technology, we have plenty to celebrate! Along with completing their master’s degrees in some of the most in-demand areas of technology, many of our students have also recently earned brand new technology certifications as part of their coursework – putting themselves into an even stronger position to build their careers in tech.

As they prepare to put on their caps and gown and receive their diplomas, three soon-to-be graduates sat down to talk about their grad school experiences and earning their certifications as part of their master’s programs. They also look back on the support and flexibility they found at Touro GST and share why they’re looking forward to the future


One of the unique benefits of earning a master’s degree at Touro University Graduate School of Technology is the ability to earn a certification in place of completing the capstone thesis or project required for your degree. This allows students to walk away with both an MS degree and a certification, essentially killing two birds with one stone.

For Ramin Farhadi, who is earning his MS in Web and Application Development, this meant he was able to become an AWS Certified Developer in conjunction with earning his degree. “My professor at Touro allowed me to participate in the certification exam in lieu of completing a paper for the capstone course. This flexibility allowed me to focus my efforts on exam preparation, and I am grateful for the support the faculty provided.”

Junaid Rayani agrees. He opted to build on his existing CAPM certification by passing the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam to complete his MS in Project Management. “Earning certification as your thesis is definitely an advantage of getting your degree at Touro GST.”


Earning a master’s degree automatically makes graduates strong candidates in the job market, but coupled with a certification, it really gives them a competitive edge when it comes to landing a job in tech. Candidates with an MS and a certification are not only more likely to be hired, but they’re also likely to make a more money. In fact, professionals who have certifications can earn up to 13% more than those who don’t.

Mendy Pruss recently completed his Salesforce Administration Certification as part of his master’s degree in Data Analytics – Database/Technology, and he says his employer couldn’t be happier. While Mendy has been working with Salesforce for several years, he’s already seeing the benefits of completing his certification. “Studying for the exam gave me knowledge I didn’t have, and it also helped to give structure to my existing knowledge.”

Mendy plans to continue working in his current role as a consultant after graduation, but he knows that the credentials will make him a stronger employee – and potentially, a stronger candidate down the road. “A lot of positions won’t even look at a resume without a certification, so having a certification looks a lot better on paper.”

Ramin confirms he’s seen that impact for himself. “Earning my certification has positively impacted my job search. I have observed an increase in the number of recruiters viewing my LinkedIn profile, which I attribute to my certification in AWS services.” He adds that because AWS holds a 50% market share in cloud computing, AWS certification is invaluable – and it comes with added benefits like AWS credits and access to its services.


The ability to choose certification in a place of a capstone project is just one aspect of the flexibility students find at Touro University’s Graduate School of Technology. The school is particularly friendly to career changers and has an infrastructure that’s already in place to help students transition into technology from other fields.

As Ramin explains, “I chose Touro GST to pursue a master’s degree in computer science and transition from my previous career in architecture. Touro's academic program offered a comprehensive curriculum and a supportive learning environment that aligned with my professional goals.”

Mendy had a similar experience. “I was in a different industry and wanted to get into tech, and Touro gave me the path to be able to earn my master’s. It can be intimidating for someone changing industries, but with the support I got at Touro, I never felt that. It was easy to do – they already have a setup to accommodate that kind of pivot.”

Along with the way Touro made it simple to change industries and move into tech, Mendy also appreciated the flexibility to continue working while he earned his degree. All of Touro GST’s master’s degree programs are available online or in person, and many programs offer classes at night and on the weekends. “The flexibility to work was a big plus,” he stresses. “If you want to work while you’re at school, it’s absolutely great. I was able to juggle, and the professors were accommodating about my work schedule.”


No matter which master’s degree in technology you select at Touro University GST, you’ll be taught by professors who work in tech themselves and who’ve created courses that prepare you to build your career right away. For Junaid, this made a significant impact. “Before I chose Touro, I contacted the professors, and they were all working professionals in the field,” he reveals. “As they share their knowledge and experience, it feels like they’re transferring it, so you have that knowledge and experience too.”

He particularly appreciated the pragmatic approach and wide scope of knowledge that was provided. “The program really focused on practical experience – with case studies in methodologies, trends, and procedures. Everything is covered.” Ramin also praises the thoroughness of his program, along with the expertise of his professors. “Touro GST offers a comprehensive curriculum and supportive faculty.”

Each of Touro GST’s technology master’s degree programs include core courses that build your foundational knowledge in subjects like technical management and cloud computing, along with elective courses that hone specific skill sets and areas of expertise, from cybersecurity to data analytics. You’ll also get hands-on experience with the most current coding languages, tools, and technologies, ensuring you’re fully-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful.


With a convenient location right in the heart of Times Square, Touro University GST gives students an incredible opportunity to connect and network – with each other and with potential employers. “The diversity that exists in Touro is amazing,” Mendy enthuses. “You really get exposed to a lot of different perspectives.” Junaid adds, “New York City is a good hub for IT, and Touro’s location in Times Square is plus point for graduates who want to connect with tech companies’ corporate offices.”

Armed with their completed master’s degrees from Touro GST as well as their brand new certifications, Mendy, Junaid, and Ramin are all looking forward to the future – and feel confident about building rewarding careers in tech. Junaid hopes to leverage his MS in Project Management along with his PMP certification to become a Business Analyst or Associate PM in hospitals or the medical industry, and Mendy plans to continue in his career as a consultant, helping clients with Salesforce implementation.

Ramin also plans to make the most of his MS in Web and Application Development and AWS certification as he seeks a Frontend/UI or Cloud development position. Ramin feels optimistic about his prospects. “The skills and knowledge I have gained through my education and certification will provide me with a solid foundation for starting my career.”

If you’re ready to advance your career in tech with a master’s degree and certification from Touro University Graduate School of Technology, contact us today to learn more about our advanced degree programs and put yourself on the path to a bright future in tech!