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Master of Science in Information Systems

Our Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program prepares graduates for successful information technology careers.

If you have an undergraduate degree with a computer science or information systems major, or a bechelor's degree in another field with industry experience, this degree is for you! If you are ready for a successful career in database administration, network administration or systems administration, software development, or want the skills to perhaps become a future CIO, enroll in the Graduate School of Technology's MSIS program.

Our Master of Science in Information Systems is a natural fit if you are ready for an advanced degree in computer science that is in tune with your information technology career needs. You will acquire the tools to upgrade and fine-tune your technology skills. You will also develop the managerial skills and technical expertise to transition into information systems management positions. We believe our concentrations in database systems, data communications, technology leadership / project management, and web and application development as well as core courses in technical management, will give you an edge over job-seekers who have only undergraduate-level training in computer science.

Program Requirements


Core Courses
12 credits



Required Courses
12 credits



Elective Courses
9 credits



Total Courses
33 credits

Core Management Courses

MSIS 605

Strategic Management of Technology

The strategic management of technology and its application on the path to innovation, from the perspective of the general manager at the product line, business unit, and in the executive suite. Students develop an understanding of the tools used in technology and innovation management. Case studies and examples from a variety of industries are a major element of the course.
3 Credits

MSIS 607

Effective Oral and Written Communication for Managers

Emphasizes the importance of good communication skills for corporate managers in the business world. This course identifies and reviews the foundations of business communication - listening, speaking, writing, and reading - and broadens students' experience by building communication skills using technologies and practical business applications. The goal of this course is for students to become confident, flexible, and resourceful communicators in the competitive intercultural global business community.
3 Credits

MSIS 609

Information Technology Project Management

The principles of project management and organizing and managing resources in order to complete projects in designated time-frames. In this course, students learn how to use IT architecture to bring order to the sometimes chaotic world of information systems, by defining a set of guidelines and standards and then adhering to them. Students learn to view IT architecture as a reflection and integral part of business strategy, rather than as a stand-alone entity. Students also gain a unique perspective on the issues surrounding the management of information technology in various organizations. Each topic is viewed pragmatically, through case studies analyzing how selected companies implemented various IT strategies and how those strategies affected the bottom line.
3 Credits

MSIS 695

Capstone Course: Information Systems Research Project Seminar

Provides students with the opportunity to plan a major research paper or project and implement it from start to finish using a combination of their conceptual, technical, and applied knowledge. As the capstone course in the program, the project developed draws on the skills and knowledge gained throughout the program. Project deliverables have deadlines staggered throughout the semester. Must be taken in last semester.
3 Credits

Select One Concentration

See your selected concentration section to determine which required and elective courses you will need to take in your chosen area of study.